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Details of the Members of the Management Committee

The New Governing Body of Lakhimpur PGT College was approved by the Hon?ble Vice-Chancellor, Dibrugarh University Vide Letter No. DU/DCDC/17/GB/LPGTC/10,011 dated 15.12.2017 for a period of three years.
Sl. No Name of the Stakeholders/Members Designation Mobile No. Address
1 Mrs. Rekha Phukan,
Retd. Principal
Lakhimpur PGT College
President 9435086521 Nakari, Ward No. 1, North Lakhimpur, Lakhimpur
2 Mr. Rukma Gohain Baruah
Lakhimpur PGT College
Secretary 9435520345 Office of the Principal
Lakhimpur PGT College
3 Mr. Mridul Kumar Nath
Inspectors of Schools
Lakhimpur District Circle
State Govt. Nominee 9435312018 Office of the Inspector of Schools,
Lakhimpur District Circle, Lakhimpur
4 Dr. Praneeta Bordoloi
Lakhimpur PGT College
Teacher Representative 9859061228 Office of the Principal
Lakhimpur PGT College
5 Mrs. Purnima Gogoi
Lakhimpur PGT College
Teacher Representative 9859452175 Office of the PrincipalLakhimpur PGT College
6 Mr. Mondhar Gogoi
Lakhimpur PGT College
Non-Teaching Staff Representation 9401391643 Office of the Principal
Lakhimpur PGT College
7 Dr. Bubul Saikia
LTK College
University Nominee 9954189103 Office of the Principal, LTK College, Azad
8 Dr. Guluk Dutta,
Associate Proff.
Dept. of Education,
North Lakhimpur College, NL
University Nominee 9954373726 Dept. of Education,North Lakhimpur College, Lakhimpur
9 Dr. Banti Gogoi Howborah
Retd. Associate Proff.
Lakhimpur Girls' College
Women Member 9435541900 Retd. Associate Prof.
Lakhimpur Girls' College Lakhimpur
10 Mr. N.K. Phukan
Retd. Principal, Itanagar Govt. College, AP
Leading Education /Citizens 9435534415 Nakari, Ward No-1, Lakhimpur, Assam
11 Dr. Suresh Dutta
Panigaon OPD College
Leading Education /Citizens 9435185038 Office of the Principal
Panigaon OPD College Panigaon
12 Mr. Padmeswar Chutia
Retd. Principal
Ujjalpur Higher Secondary School
Guardian Member 8011798546 Vill Ujjalpur PO Lilabari
Lakhimpur, Assam

Governance Structures:

Number of meeting of the Management committee held during the previous academic session  = 2 Nos.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism :

Institution has established a Grievance Redressal Cell in 22nd February, 2013

Members of the Committee are :

          1. President  : Principal, Lakhimpur PGT College

          2. Coordinator :Mrs. Rupali Goswami, Lecturer, Lakhimpur PGT College

      3. Members :

                    a. Mr. Cheniram Phukan, Lecturer, Lakhimpur PGT College

                    b. Mr. Mridul Saikia, Lecturer, Lakhimpur PGT College

                    c. Mrs.  Purnima Gogoi, Lecturer, Lakhimpur PGT College

                    d. Mr. Nirmal Nath, Office Asstt. Lakhimpur PGT College

 Function of the committee:

The information’s on grievance of the students are received through a complaint box. Grievance redressed cell discusses the complaints in details and other security and genuine complaints are recommended to the authority for redressed of the grievances. Sometimes the grievances of the students and takes necessary steps after discussion. With the principal of the college and provide required help when and where necessary.

No major grievances are redressed in the last two years.


Anti-ragging mechanism :

The institution has established anti-ragging committee in the year 2015 with the following members.

1. President : Principal, Lakhimpur PGT College

2. Secretary : Mrs. Purnima Gogoi, Lecturer, LPGTC

3. Members: a. Mr. Cheniram Phukan, Lecturer, LPGTC

    b. Mr. Mridul Saikia, Lecturer, LPGTC

    c. Mrs. Geeta Ayengia, Lecturer, LPGTC

    d. Mrs. Mandira Hazarika, Lecturer, LPGTC

    e. Mr. Nirmal Nath, Office Asstt. LPGTC


Quality Assurance cell:

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Lakhimpur Post Graduate Training College was established in the year 2011, which consisted of representatives from all part of the academician.

1. Chairperson: The principal, Mr. R.G. Baruah

2. Coordinator: Dr. Praneeta Bordoloi, Lecturer,Lakhimpur PGT College

3. Members: Mr. Cheniram Phukan, Lecturer,LPGT College

    Mrs. Purnima Gogoi, Lecturer, LPGT College

    Mrs. Mandira Hazarika, Lecturer LPGTC

    Mr. Mandhar Gogoi, Accountant LPGTC


Its main objectives are to plan and execute quality initiatives and evaluate. IQAC follows a well definite and systematic calendar for every progarmms and maintains its proceeding. The principal of the college in consultation with the IQAC implements various developmental plans and steps. It conducts workshop, seminars, awareness programmes and special talks on quality innovations. It analyses the feedbacks received from the trainees, lecturers and employees and inform the concerned authority about its outcome for further improvements. Periodic discussions are organized on teaching learning evaluation process, students’ performance and overall development including institution for establishment of innovative ideas.

   The quality initiatives on financial issues are as follows.

a. Preparation of statement on Annual Account.

b. Preparation of budget and its approval by Governing Body.

c. Internal auditing by registered chartered accountant/Govt. Auditor in every year.

Thus the college has several inbuilt mechanisms to ensure adherence to rules and regulations, proper utility and corrective measures.


Alumni Association:

Alumni Association was established in the year 2011 and re elected the members in 2014 the officers are

1. Mr. Khudiram Mudoi, President

2. Mrs. Mandira Hazarika   Vice president

3. Mr. Lakhi narayan Saikia, Jt. Coordinator

4. Mr. Deben Hazarika, Jt. Coordinator

5. Mr. Probin Saikia, Member

6. Mr. Bipul Saika, Member

7. Mrs. Anjela Borah, Member

8. Mr. Saitendrya Dutta, Member

9. Mrs. Pallavi Deka, Member



Office of the Principal

Lakhimpur Post Graduate Training College

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